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Jenny Garlini
February 24, 2015 | Jenny Garlini

Georgia Straight--Blue Grouse 2012 Cowichan Station Estate Pinot Noir review



Blue Grouse 2012 Cowichan Station Estate Pinot Noir (Vancouver Island, B.C.; $23 at the Blue Grousewebsite) 
It can be tough to grow wine grapes and make decent wine on Vancouver Island. Vineyards there don’t have the heat that the Okanagan Valley enjoys, so getting heartier fruit to optimal ripeness isn’t often in the cards—the main reason why we don’t see big Cabernets or Syrahs hailing from here. When it’s handled properly, you can make a go of Pinot Noir, but the examples I’ve had from various producers have fluctuated wildly in quality. Read here.


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